' (un)certainties: Life with Less

Life with Less

Life can be heavy. And life can be full. The difference is worth considering.

Here you will find our ruminations about and adventures toward a Life with Less.

This short video excited us and got us thinking. Maybe it will you too.


Does it make the world go round? Are there alternatives? Lots of people seem to think so.

- When we were traveling in Colombia, our money started running out. Here's how that felt.


We all dream of a job we love, that makes money less of an issue. But isn't there more to work than this?

- Our new friends in Bogota help us to find fulfilling work, with no money involved.
- We have been doing some volunteering on our travels.


There aren't any alternatives to this! But there needn't be, there's an abundance of it in the world. 
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It isn't all rent and mortgages. There's wild-camping, squatting, sleeping rough, couchsurfing, cooperative living etc.
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Plane tickets cleaned us out, hitchhiking set us free. You'd be surprised how you can get from A-B, and how important C can be.

- We decided that we'd start hitchhiking.
- We hitchhiked from Colombia to Ecuador.


Well, it's worth thinking about, innit.

- As we confronted the inevitability of our money running out, we looked back.
- The Moneyless Man- Mark has been living without money for many years now.

Not for the Dinner Table

Defecation, periods, sex, alcohol, infections, parties, urine stains and saddle sore.
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  1. What an outstanding, amazing adventure you two are on...good on you! I found your blog by accident when I was looking at HelpX and David's page. I have a passion for travel and change in this crazy money-hungry world and you guys are doing it...congratulations! I haven't quite made it to where you're at but i do live on very little money. You're inspiring!
    Cheers, Trace

  2. Hello Trace! Thanks for taking the time to read. Are you planning on visiting Dave? I hope so, it is a great place. Good to hear where your passions lie, and thanks for the encouragement. We{ve been thinking a lot about things that we would do differently with regards to moneyless travel. Hopefully I will get to write some of it up soon. Also, I honestly reckon it is harder to travel with very little money than with zero...so kudos to you!